Bridesmaid Boxes!

Today I am sharing with you my Will you be my Bridesmaid Boxes! I had a really fun time putting together these boxes and finding cute little color coordinating things to go in them! When I got engaged I knew I wanted to do something special for my bridesmaids to get them excited for the big day, and what’s more exciting then a box filled with treats and pink things?!

My colors for my wedding are blush pink, raspberry, cream, and rose gold so I knew I definitely wanted to incorporate those colors as the main theme. I have recently started dabbling in calligraphy and had just gotten some new rose gold ink that I couldn’t wait to use!

The box:

Wedding DIY

I found some brown photo organizing boxes at the craft store and thought that they would be the perfect vessel for my goodies. I wrote a card to each of them, on the front I wrote “will you be my bridesmaid” in rose gold ink, then in the inside I told them the details of the big day, their dress color, etc. I attached the card on the outside of the box with a little piece of pink washi tape. For my little sister’s card, I wrote “will you be my maid of honor”!

Wedding DIY

What’s Inside?

Wedding DIY

First I filled the bottom of the box with some dark pink shred just to keep everything in place. I ordered some letter necklaces off of this Etsy shop. The necklaces turned out perfect, they are the perfect color and so dainty! My bridesmaids will wear these matching rose fold necklaces on the wedding day, I think they will look great!

Wedding DIY

I put some blush pink Essie nail polish in so that they can pamper themselves before the wedding.

Wedding DIY

I wanted to add a couple of treats so I found a cute lemonade at a local soda and candy shop called Pop n Sweets. I attached a pink striped straw to the outside for added cuteness. I then went to the party store and bought some bulk candy that I thought would be cute. I found dark pink m&m’s and some strawberry banana gummy bears! I put them in a cute little blush pink pouch and closed them up with a sticker. Have you guys tried these gummy bears?! They are so good, I had to restrain myself from eating them all before I put them in!

Wedding DIY

Wedding DIY

At the end I made a personalized little name card and made a swatch ring out of paint swatches that I punched into a heart shape, and tied them together with some lacy ribbon! I even made a rose gold swatch with some reactive rose gold foil and a laminator!

Wedding DIY

 They all said yes, in case anybody was wondering! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed taking a look inside these boxes! Stay tuned for some more wedding DIYs soon!

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  1. Lee T says:

    These are SO cute! Thanks for sharing!

    Lee | LegalLee Blonde

  2. Emmy Jake says:

    This is so cute! I am the worst and didn't do anything like this for my bridesmaids at my wedding haha. But I wish I would have!

    Emmy Jake NYC

  3. These are SO cute and creative! Love the pink girliness too (duh). I also love the personal touch of the initial necklace – too cute!
    XO Amanda |