Wow your guest with these Pie crusts!

Thanksgiving is almost here! And since I have been seeing so many amazing pie crusts around Pinterest lately, I thought I would create some for myself and share the tutorials with you! I actually made a Youtube tutorial for these designs so this blog tutorial isn’t very complex. But all the important stuff will be below. If you have any questions on the designs make sure to check out my video! I am very new to Youtube, but it has been a fun adventure for me and my husband to work on together, let me know if you have any tips or feedback on my video!

Perfect Pie Crust Recipe
*makes enough crust for one pie design, top and bottom
2 1/2 cups flour
1/4 tsp salt
3 TBS sugar
12 TBS butter (cold and cut into cubes)
1/4 cup shortening
1/4 cup ice water
1 egg

Whisk flour, salt and sugar lightly together then add in your butter and shortening and combine with a pastry blender until you have a crumbly mixture. Once your mixture is crumbly add in your ice water ONE TABLESPOON at a time and mix until you have a dough consistency. If you are having a hard time get your hands in there and use them to incorporate everything. Roll out 1/2 of your pie dough and place it into a pie pan, you will use the other half in the design you choose to follow. Fill with desired pie filling (for all the pies in this tutorial I used this Salted Caramel Apple Pie recipe.) Pick one of the following designs to do on the top of your pie. Beat one egg and brush it over the top of your pie crust and bake at 375 for 20-25 minutes.

Leaf Covered Top

Wow your guests with these pie crust designs!

Scallop the edge of your bottom pie crust by pinching the dough between your fingers. Roll out the other half of your pie dough and using this set of leaf cutters
found here, cut out leaf shapes in your pie dough. Once you have cut out enough to cover your whole top, place the leaf shapes on top of your pie first around the edge in a pattern then work your way to the middle.

Woven Plaid Pattern with Braided edge

Wow your guests with these pie crust designs!

Roll out the other half of your pie dough and using a straight edge of a piece of parchment paper and a pizza cutter, cut out 4 fat strips of pie dough and 14 skinny strips. Place the fat strips on top of the pie in a crisscross pattern then lay the skinny strips on top in a crisscross pattern as well. With the leftover pie dough you will have from your strips, roll it out again and cut out more even strips using the same method. Take 3 strips and squish them together at the top then braid the strips all the way down just like you would braid your hair. Make enough braids to go all the way around the edge of your pie (I made 3 long braids and one 1/2 one.) Place the braids on the edge of your pie and pinch the ends of the braids together so it appears to be one consecutive braid.

Leaf Covered Edge with Rose Arrangement

Wow your guests with these pie crust designs!

This design will use the same woven plaid pattern as the previous design. Roll out the other half of your pie dough then taking a small circle cutter or a biscuit cutter, cut out circles for your roses. 4 circles will make 2 roses, I put 5 roses on my pie to achieve the look I was going for. To make the roses, overlap 4 circles on top of each other then roll them up all together. After they are rolled up, cut the roll in half. Shape the bottom of the rose then spread out the petals of the rose until it looks like you want it. Cut out more leaves with a leaf cutter, the one I used is
found here. Then place the leaves all the way around the edge of the pie. Place your roses off to one side and put some more leaves around the roses. Using a knife add some veining to your leaves.

And there are my 3 Thanksgiving pie crust designs! If you have any questions make sure to watch the video for a more in depth tutorial! Make sure to let me know what you think of these designs and if you are going to try them out this year. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Check out the video!

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