It is already Week 3 of the One Room Challenge! Eek! This week was really challenging! Me and my husband attempted to tile our kitchen floor and it took way longer than we expected. I think that a herringbone tile project was a little bit of a stretch in this timeline, not to mention it is the first time we have tiled at such a large scale and in a real room. (I have done a couple of tiling projects for photo backdrops etc). Many tears later and too many swear words than I am willing to admit, it is done and it turned out pretty good! Of course it is not perfect, but I am pretty proud of it! The tile does still need to be grouted but we weren’t able to do that before we left for our trip to Havasupai. It will have to happen when we get back. Then our cabinets will get installed and our counter top template can be done. To be honest, I am not 100% sure that this project will be done in time. But I am going to keep posting and updating you on the progress every week. We’re just going to do the best that we can with the time allotted.

Before we laid the tile, we put down Schluter Ditra which is an uncoupling membrane. My husband could definitely tell you more about how it works. But, it is basically an alternative to cement backer-board that helps with the integrity of your tile job.

We then started laying out the tile to try and find a good pattern, starting point and middle ground. Our room was a little difficult because of all of the different jut outs, it is not a perfect square. I think that this step in the tiling process is the most important. The more you plan and think the project out, the better it will turn out. The tile that we ended up using is 12×24 and we bought it at Home Depot. You can find it here. 

Another thing that happened this week is our appliances were delivered! This means that we basically have everything we need to get this project done! We are definitely going to have to pull in some extra recruits to make this happen. Once we get back from our trip we are going to have to grind! That is if I do not die at the bottom of the Grand Canyon this week lol. We still have many things to do on our to do list, some of which include, cabinet installation, cabinet painting, backsplash, install appliances and a number of other finishing touches.

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