We are back from our mini vacation to Havasupai and it is grind time! At this point, it will be a miracle if this kitchen gets finished in time, but we are shooting for it! I has been an amazing experience participating in the One Room Challenge so far, I love looking at everyone’s progress and hearing encouraging words from fellow participants.

Make sure to check out the other guest participants and the featured designers on the One Room Challenge site! I can’t believe some of the progress that people make in one week! Me and my husband are trying to do as much of it ourselves, but we both work full time and I also go to school full time, so it is hard to get everything done!

When we got back from our vacation we hurried and grouted our tile so that it would be ready for the cabinets to be installed. Not going to lie, our first tiling experience was rough! Too many late nights covered in mortar, my husband is my hero! Here is a quick snapshot of what the tile ended up looking like after it was grouted. We went with a light gray grout. Ultimately, I would have loved white grout, but got talked out of it because of cleaning purposes. I am really happy with how it turned out.

We broke down and decided to hire somebody to help us install our IKEA cabinets. So far, I am so glad that we did, I think it would have taken me and my husband about a month to install the kitchen and get all the pieces perfectly in place. If you are installing an IKEA kitchen, make sure you have a lot of time or that you hire someone that has experience with the IKEA system. It is a lot different than other cabinets and you don’t want to have to pay someone to read all of those tiny manuals that every piece comes with! About half of our cabinets are in and he will be finishing in the next day or so with all of the cover panels and filler pieces. Our counter tops are getting templates this weekend and will be installed next week. This weekend we will also be painting the cabinets! It’s getting exciting!

One of my favorite features of the kitchen is the built in pantry cabinet that we added. We built a small wall on the other side of it and the cabinet fit perfectly inside the space for it! That was definitely a major win! Good planning and measuring is paying off!

Here is our project list and what we still need to complete:

Kitchen Renovation Project List:

-Repair Plaster and match smooth texture with the rest of the house
-Paint walls
-Tile kitchen floor
-New cabinets
-Quartz countertops
-Install appliances
-Install backsplash
-Finishing plumbing and electrical
-Decorate and add finishing touches

Do you think we can do it?

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Tell Me What You Think...

  1. Kalila says:

    I’m loving everything you have done so far! Did you guys build the doors for the pantry?, they look amazing. I’m pretty positive that I’m not going to finish my kitchen on time but I think you will be just fine. Keep up the great work!

    1. We didn’t build the doors. They are from a company called Semihandmade. They make more customizable door and cover panel options for IKEA cabinet frames. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. HOME DEKO says:

    I must say that your are a very brave girls to do this kitchen project in 6 weeks!! Everything looks AMAZING an you’ll get it all done!