I am excited to be a guest participant in the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge! I have always loved watching other people’s One Room Challenge makeovers on social media and since I am in the middle of an entire house renovation, I thought it would be smart to join in on the fun! This is my first One Room Challenge! The One Room Challenge happens twice a year, where tons of bloggers come together and makeover their room of choice in 6 weeks. It will be fun to follow along with everyone’s progress until the full reveal on November 8th!


We are attempting a full blown Kitchen Reno in 6 weeks, do you think we can do it? (We meaning my husband, me and some random subs, hold your breath everyone, this will be a doozie!) We have successfully wrecked our whole kitchen and we are finally ready to start putting it back together. Not going to lie, the process so far has taken a lot longer than expected. We replaced the plumbing and drain lines in the whole house, and redid a lot of the electrical. We also removed a partial wall that was separating our living room and kitchen along with a lot of prep work on the sub floor to make sure that it is ready for tile.

Here are some before photos of our kitchen when we moved in:

The kitchen before was really dated and the space was not utilized well. It is actually a pretty big kitchen for the era of the home. We have removed the wall with the cabinets and fridge on it, and so far it has made a huge difference to the flow of the space. Where the large window is by the fridge, there will be a built in breakfast nook. Since we are maximizing the space, we will also be adding an island to the middle of the kitchen. Our home was built in 1951, I love the mid century style and I would like to bring elements into the kitchen renovation that allude back to its mid century history.

Here is where we are at now, a blank slate:

Kitchen Renovation Project List:

-Repair Plaster and match smooth texture with the rest of the house
-Paint walls
-Tile kitchen floor
-New cabinets
-Quartz countertops
-Install appliances
-Install backsplash
-Finishing plumbing and electrical
-Decorate and add finishing touches

Our kitchen design plan has elements inspired by mid century modern and the modern farmhouse. We will be installing new cabinets from Semihandmade, a really cool company that makes custom doors and covering for IKEA cabinet boxes. Our upper cabinets will be white with our base cabinets and island being a dusty blue. We have already bought our light fixtures from West Elm and they are to die for! We will be installing a concrete look tile with a geometric star like backsplash.

Make sure to check back for the next 5 weeks to see the progress we are making!

Tell Me What You Think...

  1. Jamie says:

    So excited to see this unfold! 1. That backsplash is amazing and 2. I think we’re ORC vintage rug twins! Haha!

    1. I haven’t sourced the exact vintage rug yet, but hoping to find one similar to the picture! Crossing my fingers!

  2. Wow! This is going to be huge!!! How exciting though. You got this ♥️

    1. Yes! I hope everything goes to plan! Best of luck to you too!