Can’t believe it is Week 5 of One Room Challenge! Next week everyone will be revealing the rooms that they have taken on this round. Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to finish in time! We weren’t able to get someone to install our backsplash in time and everything has taken a little longer than expected. I still want to update you on our progress and share how far we were able to get next week in the reveal!

This week has been all about the cabinets! It has been something that I have been really nervous about throughout this whole process. We broke down and decided to pay someone to install our cabinets. We picked someone that was familiar with IKEA cabinets and we are so happy we did! It wasn’t all sparkles and rainbows, there were definitely a couple of meltdowns, but it is all installed and I am really happy with how it all turned out!

Once it was all installed, we took all of the doors off and started to prep for painting. We ended up taping plastic all over our whole basement and spraying the doors with our airless paint sprayer. So far, everything is successfully primed and it is looking great! We are trying to achieve that super smooth finish so we thought that the best way would be to spray them.

Me and my husband have been back and forth on what color we want to paint our base cabinets and island. Our upper cabinets will be white.

Here is my husband’s pick:

This one is my pick:

Which one do you like? Although husband’s opinions are important, I think I will win him over on the color battle. Especially after an Instagram poll that I did where most people agreed with my pick.

Tomorrow our countertops are coming which I am stoked about! I chose a white quartz with very light gray veining through it.

Things we need to do:
-Finish painting the cabinets
-Install appliances
-Floating shelves
-Finishing touches

Like I said, we are not going to finish but lets see how far we can come and I will do a final reveal once it is 100% finished.

Make sure to check out everyone else’s rooms on the One Room Challenge Website here! They are looking amazing!

Tell Me What You Think...

  1. Jessica says:

    Your husbands pick of color is what my lower cabinets were and I just painted over them! Haha!
    I’m definitely with you. I like the lighter more green shade.

    1. Lol, I will have to let him know so that I have more ammo against his color. It is beautiful, just not so sure if I can commit to that blue of a kitchen!

  2. Tricia says:

    Love your color choice – would you mind sharing? I cant wait to see your reveal : )

    1. Thank you! The color is Benjamin Moore Tranquility.

  3. Tricia says:

    Hey Sweetie – I’m sooo looking forward to your reveal. No worries if id did not make the deadline, or if problems arose. As I know, there has been so many design situations I’ve learned from – so with that being said, just keep on with your dream and let us know how things are going! Take Care : )