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Hi! My name is Camille and welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m a lover of all things beautiful, recovering plant killer, and a DIY junkie since birth. I was born and raised in Utah and live here now with my Instagram husband, camera man, web designer, and DIY king, Kayden. I am studying Hospitality Management with an emphasis in Event planning and Design at Utah Valley University. I realized that I loved the event planning business after DIY-ing our whole wedding in June 2016.

I hope to inspire people to think more creatively and fill their lives with things that make them happy. I have expensive taste but with a college student budget. I find things that I love and try and figure out a way to make it myself. Some things you can expect to see on Camilleiam: DIYs, Recipes, too many cookies (just kidding there’s no such thing), parties, and a couple really corny jokes- bare with me. I’m glad you stopped by!


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